How To Find The Publisher of a Website 2021

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Topic: How To Find The Publisher of a Website

If you want to contact the publisher of a website, you are required to find him first. Here the question arises: how do you find the publisher of a website? Getting the publisher’s name is not difficult, except you know the right way to find it.

Nearly all famous and high-authority websites mention their publisher and author names with their bio. You will get to see nearly each and every page of their website.

Hence, you will need to utilize these easy and straightforward methods, which I will explain below for the websites that didn’t explicitly mention their owner and author.

Now let’s see how to find the publisher of a website.

How To Find The Publisher of a Website:

  1. About and Contact Us Pages
  2. Whois Information Method
  3. Author Bio Section
  4. Legal Pages of a Website
  5. From Social Media
  6. Backlink Method
  7. For Only WordPress Websites

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About and Contact Us Pages

How To Find The Publisher of a Website

This is one of the first steps that you should do before trying any other methods. Most websites have about us pages with details of the owner, author, and more. 

But also remember many websites, especially eCommerce websites, may have created their about us page by another name like “our story” or “who we are” something like that. 

If the About us page doesn’t have any owner or author information, then the contact us page is essential. You will find a contact us box or any other kind of contact form that you can use to reach the owner or the right person on the website.  

However, I also suggest you check out the Terms & Conditions page as many websites put their owner information there. 

If you didn’t see any of these pages linked to the navigation menu, then scroll down to the footer area; maybe, they are linked to the footer menu, or you can search by typing about and contact us manually.  

Whois Information Method

How To Find The Publisher of a Website

ICANN Whois is a great tool that uncovers domain name registration records. ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. 

Whois is a free tool that reveals domain details and is very useful in reviling publisher details. There is no need to sign up; you have to follow these two steps:

  1. Open the ICANN lookup tool page.
  2. And put the website’s domain name, then click lookup. 

After you hit enter, you will find all the details of that domain. The list includes:

  • IP Address of the website.
  • Name server records.
  • Registrar data.
  • Hosting details.
  • Date of domain registration and expiry.

The Registrar data contains the publisher’s details, but you will find it if the owner is not using a privacy protection guard. Some domain owner does not want to expose DNS information publically. If this happens, then it is your bad luck, and you should try another process. 

Author Bio Section

author bio

Another thing you can do is to find the author bio section. It is a common practice followed by top WordPress websites of mentioning the author’s details on a specific page or blog post.

Generally, you will find the author bio section at the end of the WordPress blog post or a specific page with author details.

Legal Pages of a Website

Legal pages like Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Link Policy, Shipping Policy, etc., are essential and mandatory pages of a website. 

In these pages, publishers include official information, their policies, their operations, and different ways for users to get in touch. 

From Social Media

How To Find The Publisher of a Website

Today nearly every website has multiple social media presence. Whereas there are many social media platforms, but you don’t need to look for everyone. The three most important social media platforms to look at are Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Most websites maintain their pages or profiles on these social media platforms. So, you can inspect these pages to get your desired information. Just search by typing the name of the website or company. And when you find the website page or profile you are searching for, go there and click the about section. There you will get the address, phone number, contact details, and even the owner’s name.

Backlink Method


This is the most hidden and expert method to get the publisher of a website. But this method is a little bit difficult compare to other mentioned methods. Whereas if it is done correctly, there is more than a 95 percent chance to get the complete detail of the publisher. 

A backlink is a referral link that a website gets from other websites as a hyperlink. To check backlinks, you require access to the SEO tool. There are many free and paid SEO tools available in the market. 

But we generally recommend the ahrefs tool or Semrush tool. Here we will discuss the topic with the ahref tool. 

Now follow the steps as mentioned below:

  1. Create an ahref account; we recommend you to create a paid account because it is good and you get a lot more features. Otherwise, for this purpose, ahref free account is enough. 
  2. After account creation, you will get a dashboard to scan multiple sites. 
  3. Now in the search bar, type the URL of the site and press enter.
  4. Checkout referring domains (referring domains show incoming links to the site).
  5. Click any incoming backlink and check its referring page.
  6. In the referring page link, check the details and anchor text. There is the maximum possibility to get author or publisher details and links. 

For Only WordPress Websites

Actually, this process will not give you the publisher or author’s real name, but it will take you to the WordPress site username. But still, it is very effective because nearly all WordPress site owner uses their actual name as the username. 

As this not a legitimate process, it is like hacking, so we don’t recommend using that; only go for that if the other process doesn’t work. 

For this, you have to type the website name, then add /?author=1 and hit enter. This will redirect you to the owner’s author page, and the URL will show the username. 

But this process doesn’t work all the time; it entirely depends on your luck. 

Wrapping It Up

How to find the publisher of a website: These are our top 7 best methods to find the publisher or author of any website. Hopefully, one of the methods will help you to find out. 


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