What is SEM in Digital Marketing in 2020?

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What is SEM in Digital Marketing in 2020

Before understanding what is SEM in Digital Marketing? You have to understand what is Digital Marketing basically.

Before going any further I want to make it clear that the full form of SEM is Search Engine Marketing and it is a very crucial section of Digital Marketing very similar to Social Media Marketing. Now let’s dive into compact but detailed information of each term.

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What is SEM in Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is an element of Marketing. It consumes the Internet and can be operated only on Digital platforms and with the use of digital technologies including computers, desktop, mobile phones, or any other digital medium to spread your business online.

Nowadays, the definition of marketing has changed and online platforms have become the most important for spreading the products and services offered by a business. People are always connected to there digital devices rather than offline visiting places.

The new trends of marketing include SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization, SEM which is Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, influencer marketing, e-commerce, and many other forms of marketing.

Digital Marketing is not only limited to the extent of use of the Internet, but It also includes non-internet channels that feature digital media including Television, Mobile phone texts, mobile ring tones, and other media.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is a mostly used marketing strategy that is used to establish yourself and have more visibility on the search engines. It is a paid technique which is why it is known as PPC i.e. Pay Per Click.

Other basic techniques are used to grow a website and help in ranking organically. Search Engine Marketing includes Pay per click advertising digital platforms such as Google Ads and Bing Ads which can be used to make your content available by adding advertisements format to connect to your target audience.

SEM involves all the steps of Digital Marketing including Setting up and Optimizing Paid Ads to overall managing the account to increase conversions and returns. The campaigns of Search Engine Marketing startup with the most important step i.e.

Keyword Research and gathering the information about Competitor Insights which will eventually help you in creating targeted campaigns that will showcase your products and services to the audience.

When any user searches for specific key points that you being an advertiser running ads for, Your custom advertisement will be shown. Every time a user clicks on the adds the business pays for this.

The major types of Campaigns included in the Search Engine Marketing are:

There are five different formats available within Google Ads. These basic PPC or SEM formats can help you reach your target audience

  1. Ads through Text or Search
  2. Ads through Gmail
  3. Ads through YouTube
  4. Shopping Ads 
  5. Display Ads

Benefits of SEM:

  1. Instant Spread of Business

SEO and other social media platforms take their own time in uplifting your business and awarding people about your brand. According to Google, for the best quality website, it can take more than one year’s time and it also depends on one’s capabilities.

But in the case of SEM, It helps in Instant growth and spread of your business. It places you at the peak or bottom of page one. Your business will be noticeable to a large audience very instantly.

  1. Increase in Revenue Generation

If you follow the correct strategies and the right ads placed on your website, you can see the difference in sales on day one of applying the SEM technique. 

But you must understand how to sustain the acquired SEM ROI.

  1. Affordable and Fast

With the use of the SEM technique, you can analyze in detail what works for your business. Also, you can optimize the working of your website according to your budget. It helps in achieving business goals.

For applying the SEM technique for the betterment of your business, there is no such minimum investment. You can formulate your business campaign strategy according to your budget.

  1. Direct Connection with Audience

SEM helps you in reaching the audience that you set as a target. You can directly reach out the potential clients, which just needs the right addressing of the target audience. It depends on the keywords and insights information that you use. 

For several small businesses and companies, it can be very helpful to segment your potential clients according to the geographic factors, demographic factors, time, and activity status.

5.Market Analysis

With the help of the SEM tool, you can analyze and determine whether your products and services are relevant according to the needs and wants of the customers. If you have the variety of product or service that a consumer is searching for.

In this way, you can gather market analysis and make the changes that need to be done in your business.

Disadvantages of SEM:

  1. Long-Term Cost

The SEM technique requires investment as you can clearly see that SEM Works with money. If you pay to the audience than only you can use SEM tactics.

You can eventually reduce the cost after some time, but you cannot stop paying, you have to continue paying for each click.

  1. Level of Competition

These days SEM has become a very famous and popular technique of Digital Marketing. So there are already numerous businesses and companies that are in competition for the top position with the best keyword research and insights. 

  1. Means Invading

The SEM technique generally meant as interruptive or invading the personal space of the user even if it was not required. It can also vary if the audience or user that you are targeting uses an ad blocker, it might be possible that your adds are not visible to them.

Differentiation between SEO and SEM


SEO is a strategic approach in which you use organic methods to get visibility. It does not need any cost and investment. You have to use general Google SEO ranking methods to be on the top result of the search.
SEO methods can be time-consuming, It does not give instant result. You have to uplift your game of Search Engine Operations.


SEM is a strategic approach in which you use money and investments to uplift your website in the search results. It can also be known as PPC which stands for Pay Per Click.
In this method of Digital Marketing, you use paid methods and tactics to grow and spread your business idea, products, and services without any efforts in organic ranking. It gives you instant results after applying the SEM technique.
You can use either of the methods to grow and expand your business.

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